It ‘ was a warm evening , nearly summer , last Sunday, November 30 , at Villa Barresa , the beautiful HISTORICAL VILLA location where the famous Fashion Designer Francesca Paterno ‘ with his Atelier ” THE SILK ROAD “( LA VIA DELLA SETA) realized the parade preview of his new collection” TWENTIETH CENTURY” ( NOVECENTO)presenting some leaders of the line and LUXURY WEDDING CEREMONY . With her on the white carpet paraded clothes was showing the finest lineof ATELIER TAILOR , ATELIER DEL SARTO brand of men’s luxury clothing , made ​​from gold scissors of great tailor Giustolisi with the complicity ‘ Brand Maneger Marco di Franco,who is already’ doing around the world between Monte Carlo and New York- The Fashion Show , ‘was the conclusion of the event WEDDING & WINE WEEK END OF MARRIAGE AND GOOD WINE , created and designed by Maria Clara Ocera EVENT PLANNER with Donatella Insirello ART DIRECTOR of CHARME AND FASHION AGENCY Lentini . ( SR ) The coaching staff was above all expectations !! 10 MODELS AND MODELS of CHARME AND FASHION AGENCY beautiful / i, professional and very helpful .: ALESSANDRA MAINIERI , VALERIA SANFELICE , LEANDRA BUFALINO , ELENA BONGIORNO , YLENIA NARDO , JAY JAY jAVILCOVA , MARTINA FINOCCHIARO and models ALESSIO CIOLINO and SABINO ANDRIANI – Make up Artist BARBARA COLETTI Hir stylist and entrusted to the expert hands of ANNA and CHARME ( Syracuse ) The parade also took part names in the world fanciest and television as Hermess GUERLAIN our fashion blogger special , and that is’ complimented with the stylist for the elegance and sophistication of the clothes . also the presenter and speaker on television and radio SABINA ROSSI enjoyed the event so as to give a small cameo run at the end of the evening <



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